Peak performance with
heart rate variability

Track your heart rate variability and train at your best! When you are resting your heart rate naturally varies in pace. Patterns in heart rate variability (the "R-R intervals") can reveal important information about how an athlete's body is recovering from training and can be used to by athletes and coaches alike to optimize training programs for peak performance. 

The HRV Tracker app uses the Wahoo® Fisica sensor key device to record the R-R intervals from any compatible heart rate strap to track heart rate variability in athletes. The recorded data is stored in HRM format files for easy use in heart rate variability analysis software, and can be either sent via email or transferred using iTunes file sharing.



What do I need?

  • Apple® iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Wahoo® Fisica sensor key
  • Compatible ANT+ heart rate strap (eg: Garmin® products)

How do I use it?

  • Record you heart rate variability at rest each morning
  • Load up the data in your favourite analysis program
  • Track your response to training!

How can it help me?

  • Choose the right training session for the right day
  • Avoid over-training by responding to your body's natural stress responses
  • Get the most out of each session by training hard when your body is most receptive
  • Track athletic progress and compare with gold-standards
Ideal for any sport and perfect for clubs, individual or team athletes, coaches, physical education teachers and more!

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